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I don’t think the obvious fact that I can’t keep up with this blog should stop me from starting other new blogs, do you?

I have two new work-related blogs.  One is called TheFAYZ.  It’s written as a sort of bridge between books in my GONE series.  GONE is out now.  HUNGER: a GONE novel comes out next year.  TheFAYZ is written by a non-book character named Sinder. She’ll see some of what happens on-camera in the books, but otherwise will be involved in a separate, free-standing storyline, with new characters.  

And I get to have fun with Photoshop.

The second blog is still in development.  I’m calling it Stupid Blog Name.  It will be a group blog focusing on YA literature.  So far I have a kidlit agent and former Harper editor, a Simon editor, and a handful of YA authors.  I’ll add a bookseller or two, more editors and writers.  And I want to add some actual kids — you know, the readers.  I have a piece of lovely artwork up there holding the place down for me.  I hope to have it all up and running in a week or two.

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TheFAYZ looks cool, but there’s no RSS feed. How am I supposed to put it on my Google homepage along with all your other blogs? :-)

Also, you might want to have the blog posts as text — there *is* alt text, but there are other scenarios (cell phone web browsers, in particular) where the image would be displayed but it’s still hard to read.

I *love* the picture on Stupid Blog Name. (As well as the name!)

Can’t wait for Hunger to come out.

– J.P.

P.S. You mentioned readers giving you feedback on the HarperTeen podcast. You don’t happen to have an email address to send said feedback to, by any chance? If you can access the email address I entered in the comment form, just email me. Otherwise, just check my website. Thanks.

J.P. wrote on September 7, 2008 - 6:08 pm
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